Pictures from our Recent Gigs

The Idle Rich Enjoying Some Well-Crafted Rock & Roll

Jim (Buckaroo Bansai) Wailing on the Skins


Our Littlest Fan Parties On


The Crowd, Yelling for More


Giving Some Dance Instruction to the Masses


Smiles Abound, Sort Of



A Little Carlos Santana


The Loyal Groupies


Our Beautiful and Talented Benefactor Hosting the Black Cat Grande Affaire


One of Many Lovely Ladies Enjoying the Evening

Came for the Music, Stayed for the Black Cat Action


The Professor Shreds a Guitar Solo

Alan (Sax Symbol) Cole Blowin' for us at The Black Cat


The Maniac's Melifluous and Dulcet Tones Sooth the Rabble


Dave (Bad-Ass Bassman) Rips it UP


Music Lovers in the Process of Loving Music

Photos from the performance at The Cats Restaurant in Los Gatos

Rex and Alan gettin' down!

Dan keepin' the boyz in time!

Alan, Rex and Steve "Gettin' Ready"

Dan and "Bad Ass" Bassman Dave in control!