T h e   B a n d

Lead guitar & vocals: Rex ("The Maniac") Nicodemus. A retired IBM wafer fabrication engineer, Rex now teaches guitar and plays in several popular bands in the South Bay Area. He is noted for his intricate and smokin' guitar solos, and was twice voted runner up as "Best Guitar Soloist in the South Bay Area"  by the other guys in the band.


Guitar & vocals: Steve ("The Professor") Strom. Steve plays guitar, bass, drums and trumpet, has an active lesson program and loves to talk eastern philosophy and astrophysics. In 2008 he single handedly repaired the damage to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Steve plays bass in several other bands and is the "go-to" guy for music theory. 



Bass: Dave ("Bad-Ass Bass Man") de Carion.  Dave is widely considered to be a man with few faults, but makes the most of them. Dave practices law as his day job and, although his skills on the bass are best described as meager, he makes up for it by playing loud.

Drums: Jim ("Buckaroo Bonsai") Martin has been playing frenetic rock & roll drums since the earth was cooling. Although it didn't really work, he started playing drums to impress women. This seems to be the origin of all women suddenly "getting a headache." A former tennis professional and par golfer, his true love is smashing things. 


Saxophone: Alan ("Sax Cymbal") Cole is a veteran reed and flute player noted for his inventive and bizarre saxual proclivities. Only 9 years old, he appears much more mature in this recent photo. Alan also lights it up on the tam and assorted other instruments. When not practicing Safe Sax he plies his trade as a senior recruiter for a major international hi-tech company, from which he gets free electrons.